Southwest Airlines flight attendant Renee Steinaker reveals why she sued

Southwest Airlines flight attendant Renee Steinaker reveals why she sued

For 21 years, Renee Steinaker has labored for Southwest Airlines, an airline beloved by faithful buyers for its lighthearted atmosphere and humorous safety briefings.

But the Scottsdale-primarily based flight attendant suggests what she observed on a captain’s cockpit iPad on Feb. 27, 2017, was no joke, even as the airline and its pilots union characterize what she saw as a “lousy attempt at humor.” 

“With my each getting — just about every bit of myself — I knew this was wrong. And I could not permit something like this go. I realized it was the suitable matter to do to report it. I considered I was properly able to report this and that it would be managed,” Steinaker explained to The Arizona Republic, part of the United states Now Community, in an interview at her home Friday early morning.

Rather, Steinaker has sued the employer she says she enjoys, Southwest Airways, and the pilots on the flight from Pittsburgh to Phoenix. 

Flight attendant Renee Steinaker has sued Southwest Airlines, alleging retaliation.

“It truly is regrettable it obtained to the point of this for the reason that it should have been dealt with unique in the beginning. It must have never gotten to this point,” Steinaker claimed.

Southwest formerly instructed the Arizona Republic that there was no camera in the rest room and that the airline would vigorously protect the lawsuit.

What Steinaker claims she saw

About 2½ hours into the flight, Steinaker alleges in her lawsuit, she was referred to as to the cockpit to allow Capt. Terry Graham to use the restroom. Southwest Airways coverage demands two crew users in the cockpit at all occasions.

That’s when she seen a thing bizarre on the firm-issued iPad following to the captain’s seat.

“I observed on his iPad there was a image of him that I realized was moving, and I could listen to it in conjunction with what I was observing on the iPad of him in the forward bathroom,” Steinaker explained.

Steinaker mentioned she felt shock and disbelief. She took a picture of the iPad with her cellphone.

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