Travel enhanced by technology, but raises some safety concerns

Travel enhanced by technology, but raises some safety concerns

The arrival of November marks the unofficial kickoff to the vacation season, be it in excess of Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas street trips to see spouse and children following thirty day period, or possibly a winter vacation down south.

But in the electronic age, travelers confront a handful of further dangers they we did not have to fret about before laptops, smartphones, tablets and other units had been provided amid typical travel equipment. It is really well worth it to make positive to prevent some unsafe behaviors, which could be exploited by criminals, to avoid putting yourself (and your facts) in harm’s way.

This is some journey-relevant tech errors you may well be generating, and how to resolve them.

Keep away from submitting pictures to social media 

Even though it might be tempting to article holiday photographs in the instant, try to remember these posts are also broadcasting the truth your house is vacant at that time (insert the “face palm” emoji).

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