Exploring the main sights of Santorini

The beauty and uniqueness of Santorini is definitely non-negotiable, according to Santorini private tour, but it could be considered the most beautiful island in the world since almost every year yit is at the top of a list of travel magazines.


His name may imply something big, but it is just the opposite. It is a small village in the interior of Santorini, dug into the bed of a torrent. The two or three churches with the ornate bell towers show the taste of the locals. What makes Megalochori famous are its vineyards and the three most important wineries of the island: Boutari, Antoniou (of the Venetsanos family) and Gavala. The tour of the village is ideal after a swim or passing for an afternoon walk before heading to the busiest places.


It is not only the most famous beach of Santorini. There are also remains of the Byzantine period, Agia Irini, from where Santorini took its name, the church of the Holy Cross and the Museum of Minerals and Fossils with exceptional exhibits. A path that starts from Perissa leads to the ancient city of Thira in Mesa Vouno (Prophet Elias).


This unique settlement is built in a ravine five kilometers long. The imaginative Santorini people dug their houses on the walls of the ravine. Using volcanic earth, they created domes that stand on their own without support with wood or iron. It is an opportunity to admire the creativity and practicality of the inhabitants who were protected in the caves. And of course you will go up to Panagia Trypa to light a candle. In Mesa Gonia you can see what the catastrophic earthquake of 1956 left.


You will not see many attractions in Imerovigli, but the view from there will reward you. It is located exactly in the most privileged position of the caldera, which overlooks the volcano and Thirasia in the background, while it has a calm and quiet that puts you for good in the energy style of the island.

This way you will supervise the whole island and you will be in the best position to see the sun set. If you have time, take a look at Panagia Malteza with its wood-carved iconostasis. It is said that her image was found near Malta. Skaros is a castle built by Markos Sanoudos for an observatory. Climb there to gaze at the horizon…


Following the eyebrow of the caldera you reach Firostefani, to admire the best view to the volcano. The cliff becomes so steep that it takes your breath away. Here you will visit the conference center Petros M. Nomikos, where the three-dimensional photographic reproductions of the murals of Akrotiri are exhibited, all gathered in one place.

Between Firostefani and Imerovigli is the monastery of Agios Nikolaos, founded in 1651 by the Gyzi family. On the road to Kamari there is the Wine Museum), housed in the Volcan Wines winery of the Koutsogiannopoulos family. You will see the history of Santorini wine from 1660 to 1970.


Akrotiri is considered as one of the most important archeological sites in Greece, famous all over the world for the famous frescoes revealed by the excavations. The large area of ​​the settlement (about 20 hectares), the sophisticated water supply system, the elegant multi-storey buildings with the magnificent murals, the elegant furniture and objects found, all testify that it was a highly developed and prosperous state.

In addition, various findings prove the multifaceted trade relations of the city with the Greek hinterland, Crete, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt. This archeological site is essentially the ruins of a city that was destroyed during the Minoan volcano eruption and was lost forever under tons of ash.

But in contrast to Pompeii, it seems that the inhabitants of Akrotiri, disturbed by the previous earthquakes, left the city saving their lives, before the great explosion and destruction. In addition to the archeological site and the museum, the Castle and the picturesque Lighthouse of the area are worth your visit.


The commercial center of Santorini during the Venetian occupation was Emporio. A closed village with a characteristic dialect and its own personality. The narrow picturesque alleys, the ruined Goulas (castle), Kastelli (the best preserved monument, where the Old Virgin Mary) are what remained to remind days of economic prosperity. The row of windmills on the hill of Gavrilos, Agios Nikolaos the Marmaritis (ancient church that has been converted to Christian) and the ancient Echedra with the tombs carved in the rock are also worth your visit.

Ancient Thira

The archeological site of Thira has been waiting since the 8th BC. ai. to visit him! The Lacedaemonians built Thira there, giving it the name of their leader. Wake up early – or do not sleep at all – to drive to Kamari, and then continue on foot. Apart from the historical significance of the place, you will also enjoy the amazing view. You will see the market, the mosque of Artemis, the royal gallery, the temple of Dionysus, the sanctuary of Carneio Apollo, the cemeteries of ancient Thera and the theater. Everything testifies to a wonderful culture.


One of the most beautiful villages of Santorini, where you will hug when you have nowhere to stand in Oia. The walk there will calm you down and the visit to Panagia Matronas will fill you with energy. Walk in the plain with the vineyards and enter the churches of Agia Kyriaki and Agios Konstantinos. If you go to Kyra-Panagia, you will enjoy a sunset that has no better. Going down to the neighboring Baxedes you can visit the winery of Paris Sigala for a tour of the winery and a glass of wine to sunbathe.

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