Wizard Rock returned to national forest

Wizard Rock returned to national forest

Like magic, Wizard Rock is again.

A Prescott Nationwide Forest worker on patrol learned the 1-ton boulder back again in its rightful spot on the early morning of Nov. 1, reports The Arizona Republic, which is aspect of the United states Nowadays Community.

The Arizona landmark, regarded regionally as Wizard Rock, was claimed missing about two months back from its acquainted location on Point out Route 89 in the vicinity of White Spar Street south of Prescott.

The boulder’s disappearance captivated media notice nationwide. Its disappearance — not to mention who took it — was the trigger of a lot speculation.

Sarah Clawson, a ranger for Prescott Nationwide Forest’s Bradshaw Ranger District, was just happy to have the boulder back in which it belonged on Friday morning.

“We are thrilled the Wizard Rock was returned and are grateful that whoever took it was conscientious ample to give it again to the general public,” Clawson claimed in an emailed statement. “National forests offer so a lot of added benefits to the American folks, and when something like this takes place, it highlights the intrinsic price of natural beauty in all its varieties.”

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